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Periplus of the Erythraean Sea
Travel and Trade in the Indian Ocean by a Merchant of the First Century. Taken from Ancient History Sourcebook site, edited by Paul Halsall.

Kilwa Kisiwani port city
Published by

Vasco da Gama
Department of History, University of Calgary.

Swahili language lesson
Provided by African Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania.

Swahili Service
BBC World Service.

The Swahili of Eastern Africa
Christian Caleb Project.

Fort Jesus Museum in Mombasa
National Museums of Kenya site.

Swahili architectural heritage
Text by George H.O.Abungu. Part of Africa Revisited site, UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Swahili Gallery
Part of National Museums of Kenya website.

Swahili town of Gede
Featured in the Gede Museum. Part of National Museums of Kenya website.

Cosmas Indicopleustes
By Andrew James Wiesner. University of Pennsylvania.



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