100 - First written eye witness account of East African Coast compiled.
570 - Birth of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).
610 - Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) called to be prophet.
622 - AH - Anno Hegira: year zero in Muslim calendar, dating from flight of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) from Mecca to Medina.
632 - Death of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).
639 - Muslim invasion of Egypt under Amr Ibn al-As challenging Roman Byzantine rule.
750 - Governing centre of Muslims moves from Mecca to Baghdad.
8th Century - First Muslims on East Coast of Africa.
10th Century - Persian sailor Buzurg ibn Shahriyar of Rahmhormuz writes his collection of sailors' tales.
1009 - Destruction of Church of Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem.
1062 - Famine in North Africa. Fatimid dynasty in decline.
1086 - Almoravid Muslims invade and conquer southern Spain.
Early 14th Century - collapse of Mongol Empire.
1317 - Dongola Cathedral converted to Mosque.
1324 - Mansa Musa Emperor of Mali begins magnificent pilgrimage.
1348 - Black Death reaches Maghreb from Sicily and kills over quarter of population of North Africa.
1453 - Ottoman Turks take Constantinople.
1543 - Ethiopians defeat Muslim army of Kingdom of Adal with help of Portuguese.
1599 - Fort Jesus built by Portuguese.


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